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Bengaluru city is located in Karnataka state, it is an important electronic and IT city in India, it is inhabited by crores of people. We have also been living in Bengaluru city for almost 10 years. For the last 3 or 4 years I see that the entire Bengaluru Every person in the city is struggling with the problem of weak mobile signal, for which people have to face trouble to talk to each other on the phone as well as the difficulty to Internet browsers.

The people of Bengaluru city have also compromised with the government many times to deal with the problem of weak mobile signal, but no action is being taken by the government nor by the operators so people have resolved to solve the problem of weak mobile signal Searching the internet, we searched for installing mobile signal boosters. We have been establishing mobile signal boosters for almost 5 years in Bangalore city I am doing the task of which is an important tool to solve the problem of weak mobile signal.

What causes weak mobile signal problems?

The main reason for the problem of weak mobile signal is the increasing number of users, the number of mobile users is increasing very fast today, due to which the signal becomes very weak due to too much traffic in the mobile tower, because day to day users The number of towers is increasing and no increase is being made due to which the signal is becoming very weak day by day.

Weak mobile signal problem in urban areas due to the presence of high rise buildings there, the signal becomes weak due to the signal being able to reach inside the house, in a city like Bengaluru, the construction of high buildings would have hindered the transmission of the signal. Due to which the signal is not able to reach inside the house and people have to face the problem of weak mobile signal.

Weak mobile signal problem has many more reasons like 2G to 3G 3G is being updated daily and their signal is becoming very weak as the generator is moving higher as the bandwidth is increasing. The sister reaches the basement very strongly indoors due to very little and due to the high band congestion of the 3G 4G network, it is not able to reach very firmly from the tower. The reason 3G and 4G networks are much weaker than 2G.

Solve the problem of weak mobile signal

Change Mobile Setting: To solve the problem of weak mobile signal, you should go to your mobile settings and check the signal strength. If the signal strength of 3G 4G is more than -93, then change your mobile settings to 2G mode and you will see that the signal strength - 65 Can be up to -80 which is great to talk over phone.

Change Mobile Settiing

Install Mobile Signal Booster: If you do not want to change your mobile settings then you need to install mobile signal booster at your home or office. Mobile signal booster installation process is very simple in which one antenna is installed in the upper part of the house and from there one cable will come. An amplifier is installed inside as well as an antenna mounted which allows the signal received by the external antenna to be amplified by the amplifier Extends indoors and provides solutions to the problem of weak mobile signals.

Mobile Signal Booster Bengaluru

We have installed thousands of mobile signal boosters in almost 4 years all over Bangalore. We provide our customers mobile signal booster devices with 1 year warranty. If they ever face a weak mobile signal problem then we immediately arriving at their home, they provide a diagnosis of signal problems.

Our goal is Customer Satisfaction We install Mobile Signal Booster after satisfying the customer hundred percent because if our customer is satisfied with us then he will continue to provide work even further.

Bangalore is India's largest city, but there is a lot of India lodging where the mobile network is very compulsory, but in some places there is a lot of problem with the 3G 4G mobile network and there are no ways to solve it, so the government is not doing it. We decided to set up a mobile signal booster, in which all 2G 3G 4G Airtel Idea Vodafone jio Network will be available. This service will be available in whole Bengaluru Will be available

Why Choose Us?

We have been helping people in establishing a mobile signal booster keeping in mind the weaker mobile signal for many years. We have almost 10 years of experience. We have an experienced team of technical experts and consultants available, who is working hard to provide solutions to your problem by reaching your door and looking at your problem.

We install High Quality High Power Signal Amplifier with one year replacement guarantee. Which are assembled by themselves after strict quality and tests.

Nowadays people before going to buy any goods from the market, completely go to the area around them where this device has been installed and from those who have been using these devices for many years, the functionality of this device Find out about and buy this type of electronic device from the market only after being fully satisfied.

We have installed almost millions of signal booster devices in every city of India, so if the customer wants to know about our device in the nearest city or market, then we first tell the customer about our device or which our old customers has been established here to get them checked. So our customers buy mobile signal boosters after being completely satisfied with us.

We arrive at the customer's home first and provide a free demo to the customer, understanding the customer's requirements, so that our customer is fully satisfied, if our customer is fully satisfied with our device then only we the customer here We install our mobile signal booster, if our customer is not satisfied then we do not install our device at the customer nor any taking charge from the customer.

We provide free mobile signal booster repair service to our old customers. If our old customers have mobile signal booster installed and it is not working properly then we will do mobile signal booster repair at their home and provide a solution to their signal problem.

What is Mobile Signal Booster?

Mobile signal booster is also called repeater and amplifier; usually it works to repeat any signal. This is a wireless mobile signal booster to promote mobile reception. With the help of two antennas, the outdoors signal provides in your indoor.

Cell Phone Signal Booster is a Repeater System. Which amplify the mobile signals present in the outdoor and transports inside your home with the help of repeater.

Mobile signal booster is made up of three types of devices, one external antenna, second amplifier and third internal antenna. These three devices work together to replicate the mobile signal from one place to another. We are going to tell you here that how this cell phone signal booster helps to improve the problem of weak single and we will explain in detail about many types of devices. So you can choose the device to recognize your needs.

The external antenna is installed in the upper part of a house so that the waves coming from the cell phone tower can receive the direct external antenna and there is no obstruction in the middle. The function of the external antenna is to receive the signal from the cell phone tower. The important role in installing signal booster of any type is the external antenna because the external antenna is the only signal received from the cell phone tower. Shall works if it reaches amplifier external antenna has been installed in the right place then signal amplifier will not work the whole way.

The amplifier external antenna is located in the middle of the internal antenna which extends the signal received from the external antenna to the internal antenna. There are also many types of amplifiers. You can use the amplifier as per your requirement. If you have to strengthen 3G 4G signal then you 4G single amplifier is required.

A very important role after the external antenna is also of the internal antenna. The internal antenna is installed in the center of the house as the internal antenna is used to spread the signal received by the amplifier all the way around the house if the internal antenna is connected to the house. If installed in the corner, the signal will not be able to reach all the way inside the house because the work of the internal antenna will cause the signal to surround. The internal antenna needs to be installed in the center of the house.

Different Types of Signal Repeaters

There are several types of repeaters available in the market, many of which are mainly shown below 4 Repeaters. You can use one of these four devices as per your requirement.

Tri Band 2G 3G 4G Mobile Signal Booster

Tri Band (2G 3G 4G) Mobile Signal Booster

Tri Band Mobile Signal Booster is very useful for office and commercial use because it has all the mobile network Airtel Idea Vodafone MTNL BSNL 2G 3G 4G available and it covers approximately 3000 to 5000 square feet area. It has been designed keeping in mind all types of mobile phones so that the smart phone keypad iPhone can get the network.

Lintratek 2G 3G Mobile Signal Repeater

2G 3G Mobile Signal Repeater

2G+3G mobile signal boosters is designed to be used at home, it is a great option for home use because it has all 3G network of Airtel Idea Vodafone MTNL BSNL and 2G networks available only to the Airtel Vodafone. This is proving to be a great mobile signal booster for voice calling because the 3G network is essential for voice calling to the iPhone.

2G 4G Dual Band Signal Repeater

2G 4G Mobile Signal Booster

2G 4G Repeater is designed according to data speed, this is the best option for airtel vodafone Jio because it has available for 4G data speed and 2G voice calling.

3G Singal Band Repeater

3G Mini Signal Booster

3G Mini Signal Booster is a very cheapest mobile signal booster, which is a great option to use in a small house and shop. In this you will get an All GSM 3G network in which only Smartphone’s can run, small phones with Keypad cannot get a signal, hence it is only successful for 3G Smartphone’s.

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Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation

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mobile signal booster installation service in bangalore
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How the Signal Booster Works?

We want to tell you according to the picture given below how the repeater works. It can be very helpful to establish a signal booster in your home or office. Therefore, please read the information given before you install the signal booster and then think about setting up a signal booster.

How the Signal Booster Works?

outdoor antenna

outdoor antenna

Indoor Service Antenna

Indoor Service Antenna

LMR 300 or LMR 400 Coaxial Cable

LMR 300 or LMR 400 Coaxial Cable

Splitter 2-Way, 3-Way


Installation Diagram

Installation Diagram of Signal Amplifier

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What Customers Say

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